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Global Business Strategist / Business & Financial Educator

Eukeethia Barnes is a serial entrepreneur, an author, and a leader who is passionate in helping others achieve their own financial freedom and for them to build better lives. She is the woman behind Fresh Start – a chain of entities offering aspiring entrepreneurs the tools needed to build, upscale, and expand their businesses. With the right mix of passion, knowledge, and courage, she believes everyone can create sustainable businesses that improve the quality of life for many.

Eukeethia has been around the finance industry for about a decade and a half. She leveraged her knowledge and experience in Corporate America to build Fresh Start Business in 2016. Capitalizing on every growth opportunity, she managed to expand her business into three successful subsidiaries; Fresh Start Business Service, Fresh Start Business and Software Solutions, Fresh Start Transport and Logistics, & More in the Works. With a burning desire to reach further heights in her career, Eukeethia proudly walks the road of continuous improvement while learning and enlightening others every step of the way. 


She is currently the Regional Director of Georgia for the Association of Black Tax Professionals (ABTP) and chairperson of PAC committee in Dekalb County. Aside from being a community activist, she’s also a bestselling author. Some of her works are: “Balance” - Entrepreneurship and Mental health, “The Blueprint” - Mapping Out a Business the Correct Way, “Ready, Set, Go” - An Accelerated Guide to Starting your Tax business, and many more! 


Her accomplishments and successes are definitely not just a walk in the park. She is a woman of experience. Eukeethia has risen from the depths of depression and anxiety to rarefied heights of entrepreneurial triumph and strives to help others do the same-- eradicate obstacles and achieve financial freedom. From a woman who suffered chronic depression and aggressive panic attacks, she became an entrepreneur who leads, inspires, and empowers. Along this rough but fulfilling journey, she learned the value of seeking help, guidance and inspiration. She believes that success isn’t a result of perfectionism, but rather a combination of learning from your mistakes and never giving up. Promoting the same notion over the years, she has inspired 100’s of entrepreneurs to financial freedom and aspires to inspire more people.

Through her brand ‘I Am Dr. Eukeethia B.’, she aims to ignite the desire for self-improvement in people’s hearts. By focusing on empowerment, continuous improvement, and time management, Eukeethia delivers the importance of building a strong identity. As a mentor and coach, she helps others to attain mental peace and realize their true self-worth. 

Her sole purpose is to leverage the power of positivity to impact lives and empower souls. Her inspiration is driven from seeing others win. Every individual’s victory invigorates her passion in guiding a thousand more. In this journey of enlightenment, Eukeethia uses pieces of life experience to help other people prevent huge mistakes and fix fatal flaws. She actively promotes mental health, healthy lifestyles, and helps others understand how important having a peace of mind is in celebrating business success. 

Besides this, Eukeethia loves to write about business, financial freedom, mental health, community service and much more. Her brand, ‘I Am Dr. Eukeethia B.’, also tackles equality, education, healthcare, healthy lifestyle, and personal development. With every stride forward, she wants to help someone realize his/her dream. Eukeethia is passionate about creating a positive impact on a global scale. That’s why Eukeethia coaches not only to hone entrepreneurial skills, but to also holistically shape one's personality.

When not empowering souls, she loves to travel, read, and embark on adventures in the quest to explore the unexplored. Being an owner of her own business is awesome, but her greatest accomplishment is having her two daughters. She teaches her children that to give is better than to receive. It also gives this sense of peace, which her family thrives on. Her entire existence is derived around serving others and giving back-- a true mark of a modern superwoman.

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