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Who Run the World? 5 Inspiring Stories of Female Entrepreneurs

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Women are oftentimes judged for being too emotional or vulnerable. These perceptions have affected women globally. But we are in the modern times and we are slowly accepting that we are mere equals and all of us have something to contribute to society—regardless of your gender. Here are some of the most inspiring stories there are and how female geniuses have overcome the stigma and create a name of their own.

1. Voice of the Underdogs – Kimberly Bryant

Bryant is an African-American electrical engineer who worked at a biotechnological field. She founded the Black Girls Code which is a non-profit organization which focuses on providing technology and computer programming education to African-American girls. With the end in mind, Kimberly’s purpose is to basically represent the underrepresented. This is a good indication and example of a woman who helped other women to succeed. This is putting your purpose as a business over the profit that you will gain. She was inspired by her daughter’s experience. A mother who listened and dared to change the world.

2. Powerful Influencer – Indra Nooyi

Being Coca cola’s competitor is not an easy job. Most especially with how it is perceived at present, the CEO of Pepsi must find a way to keep up and have the advantage with its competitors. Indra worked as a dorm receptionist. In order to be compensated enough, she opted to work on a graveyard shift. A true mark of an industrious woman. You can’t just imagine how a receptionist went from greeting all of the dorm people to greeting all the people she have influenced in the industry. She was also in Time Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People in the World”.

3. Famous Icon – Oprah Winfrey

Oprah has been the talk of the town most especially when it comes to women who have successfully broke the stigma and brought with her the learnings, she got from experiencing poverty and sexual abuse. With almost 3 billion of net worth at present, her own multimedia production company, Harpo Productions, has reached further heights in the industry. Her main objective is to produce high standard entertainment for the viewers, thus her Oprah Winfrey Show which has transpired beyond just being a talk show. She has reformed the way TV is presented and made it more substantial and beneficial for the audience. She was rightfully tagged by Time and CNN as the “World’s Most Powerful Woman”.

4. Inspirational Leader – Arianna Huffington

You might have read several articles in the Huffington Post. Arianna founded this multi-million news website at the age of 55. This might be a no-brainer for her since she has already achieved a lot by that age. But this didn’t stop her with her passion to deliver true and authentic news to readers. Her founded website has received a $5 million investment from Softbank Capital after only a year. This is an indication of how well-rounded the website is. According to her, “Fearlessness is not the absence of fear. It’s the mastery of it. It’s about getting up one more time than we fall down.”

5. The Woman of Experience – Eukeethia Barnes

She is Dr. Eukeethia B. She is a leader, an entrepreneur, a writer and a mother. She is the woman behind Fresh Start – a chain of entities offering aspiring entrepreneurs the tools needed to build, upscale, and expand their businesses. With the right mix of passion, knowledge, and courage, she believes everyone can create sustainable businesses that improve the quality of life for many. She is a woman of experience. Eukeethia has risen from the depths of depression and anxiety to rarefied heights of entrepreneurial triumph and strives to help others do the same-- eradicate obstacles and achieve financial freedom. Through her brand ‘I Am Dr. Eukeethia B.’, she aims to ignite the desire for self-improvement in people’s hearts. By focusing on empowerment, continuous improvement, and time management, Eukeethia delivers the importance of building a strong identity. As a mentor and coach, she helps others to attain mental peace and realize their true self-worth.

These women, together with a lot more in every list there are, have been continually contributing to our society. Their main goal is to not actually just think of women, but to think of the whole of humanity. More than business owners, we do have a purpose. And being a woman is also being sensitive and empathic to what the world needs right now.

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