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Building a Business Credit

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

“You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you.”

Normal early and existing business challenges are how to maintain a strong credit rating. A strong credit rating will help your business to have expansion projects, new business ventures and/or a more diversified portfolio. Without it, financing your business will be difficult. Definitely, this topic for most business owners is not a walk in the park.

Now, the question is how to establish a good business credit?

  1. Obtain your Employer Identification Number. This is to ensure that you are ready for tax reporting. This is to also make your business as a separate entity to manage it from your personal credit.

  2. Create a well-established supplier or vendor relationship. Ensure that you have built a network of vendors. Part of network building is setting up necessary credit information such as payment terms. It is necessary to build relationships with those who have reported to business credit reporting agencies.

  3. Monitor credit and financial capacity. It is best to pay loans and credits on time to avoid delinquency reports that will affect your rating. Also, diversifying your business credit by applying for credit cards, or line of credit will help your company in the long run. Monitoring your credit score will also mitigate future problems.

Fresh Start Business Solutions aims to support business owners establish a holistic business credit plan. We have Business Startup Services to guide you in maintaining business credit along with other startup processes necessary. Link for more information:

We also offer Credit Education that aspiring entrepreneurs can utilize to understand further their credit report. This education program includes Credit Repair Assistance, Trade lines, Personal Loans, Secured Cards and Financial Offers, Client Credit Repair Login, and Affiliate Credit Repair Login. For more information about our services, you may visit us through this link:

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