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What lies ahead?

When we are born and raised, we start to be a human that burns with passion. The grit to be and to achieve. However, life really is not a fantasy. It will burn you to the ground until you can’t stand up. So what lies ahead? We come to the point that we are scared of the future. Scared of what would happen next. The fear of losing interest, the fear of not being enough. So what really lies ahead?

Simple answer. We don’t know. Just like that, since it’s really how it should be. That’s why it’s called the future “a time that is to come”. We really can’t say any final assumptions about it. But such assumptions and plans can help you trajectory your life. It’s okay to worry since it's natural to be afraid and be anxious about it. However, keep in mind that such worry elicits negative feelings that can cause you to be emotionally un-aroused. We might seek professional help if we are to get affected negatively in terms of our mental wellbeing. At the start of our transitioning in life, feel free to know “it’s okay” to feel like you still don’t know what’s going to happen. Even if there’s no plans. However, it’s really up to you. It’s really up to our actions that will help us move towards the future. Like what Taylor swift said in her graduation speech “never be ashamed of trying”. It’s always up to you, and trying would be the first step for your own life, your own faith.

Now with that, you should understand that simply living is a good sign of our progress. Look back! Remember the time you feel like failure is the option, the feeling of defeat, but you’re here reading this blog. Don’t be afraid of what lies ahead, or if you are still not set in life, but most importantly never be tired of learning. Don’t worry too much, you’ll eventually going to know what to do like you always do.

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